Certified Master Electrical Code Professional | CMECP®

The process of becoming a CMECP® is long, stressful, and rigorous. Only those Master Electricians who aspire to take their GAME to the next level will complete the CMECP® program.

The CMECP® is someone who is already a Master Electrician who has completed the tough journey through the licensing process in their given state. The CMECP® program builds on that knowledge by making Good Master Electricians into Great Master Electricians by raising their level of knowledge of the electrical codes. The CMECP® raises that bar to the next level of electrical code knowledge above and beyond the typical Master Electrician.

The actively engaged CMECP® continues their education by understanding not only electrical codes but also developing leadership skills, management philosophies, and industry mentorship growth. Being a CMECP® is a culture of perpetual learning to enhance and enrich the electrical industry.

Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is proud to sponsor and launch the CMECP® designation Program. This new designation will help ensure that Master Electricians or Equivalent stand out as true Certified Master Electrical Code Professionals®.

  • Industries’ highest 100% voluntary level of competency dedicated specifically to navigating and understanding the National Electrical Code® 

  • Proof of NEC® Competency by successfully passing 4 levels of validation, unlike any other certification in the electrical industry.

  • Showing prospective employers that you are always striving to take your knowledge of electrical codes to the next level in a continual and aggressive learning incline. 

  • Shows the industry and potential hiring managers that you are not the normal Master Electrician. That you take responsibility for knowing the NEC® and applying it in the field. You know HOW to find the answers and not just memorize the answers.

  • The world’s only “Net Zero” Certification program where you are given many ways to reduce the cost of membership to ZERO. CMECP® members have access to discount shopping in the CMECP® Perks Portal to the exclusive “Pay You Back” referral program.

  • The only certification where the courses you take and all renewal courses count towards your state’s license renewal, where applicable. That alone pays for the membership.