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CMECP® Certification Program

The process of becoming a CMECP® is long, stressful, and rigorous. Only those Master Electricians who aspire to take their GAME to the next level will successfully complete the CMECP® program.

The CMECP® is someone who is already a Master Electrician who has completed the tough journey through the licensing process in their given state. The CMECP® program builds on that knowledge by making Good Master Electricians into Great Master Electricians by raising their level of knowledge of the electrical codes. The CMECP® raises that bar to the next level of electrical code knowledge above and beyond the typical Master Electrician.

The actively engaged CMECP® continues their education by understanding not only electrical codes but also developing leadership skills, management philosophies, and industry mentorship growth. Being a CMECP® is a culture of perpetual learning to enhance and enrich the electrical industry.


Knowledge Growth & Revenue

Becoming a CMECP® unlocks doors to knowledge in business and the electrical trade. Marketing yourself as more than just a regular Master Electrician will elevate revenue and help you rise above the crowd.


Ongoing Training Program

CMECP® Members have the opportunity to continue their education in business and marketing in our catelog of training products. Always striving to be the BEST in the electrical trade.


Marketing Advantages

Elevate your career as a CMECP® and show the world that you're not just a Master Electrician, but a leader in your field. Inspire confidence and demonstrate your advanced expertise to everyone you meet.


Strategic Partnerships

The CMECP® Program seeks to collaborate with aligned corporations to foster the development of highly skilled electrical professionals and their commitment to excellence.


CMECP® and Non-CMECP® Training

Meet Our Executive Director

Paul W. Abernathy

Our Exective Director has over 38 years of experience leading and developing training programs. In fact, Paul Abernathy was instrumental in the development of the Eaton Certified Contractors Network and many other programs. He is also the CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board for Electrical Code Academy, Inc.

Paul W. Abernathy

  Paul Abernathy has been serving the electrical industry since 1986. As a graduate of Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) in 1988 as the valedictorian of the schools electrical program. In 1989, He was the youngest licensed electrician in Virginia at the ripe age of 19. Mr. Abernathy subsequently went on to become a Master Electrician and in 1989 co-founded Double-A Electric, Inc. with his brother in Virginia; a company which Paul's brother still owns and operates today. Ultimately, Mr. Abernathy went on to forming a separate electrical contracting business and electrical design and code consulting firm. After selling his electrical contracting/consulting firm in 2007; Mr. Abernathy took over the role as Electrical Engineer II & Electrical Code Supervisor for the City of Richmond, VA and later changes his role and assumed the position of Code Supervisor for the City of Alexandria, VA. In 2012, Mr. Abernathy accepted a position with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and serving as the National Electrical Code Expert for the Southern US Region. In 2014, Mr. Abernathy accepted a position with a major wire and cable manufacturer and moved Electrical Code Academy, Inc. to McKinney, Texas. Mr. Abernathy also stays active in the electrical contracting world as the President of Abernathy Electrical Services also located in McKinney, Texas. Mr. Abernathy earned his BS in Engineering in 2005 and an accelerated MS in Engineering in 2006 while residing in Virginia. Mr.Abernathy is also the founder member of the Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® (CMECP®) program administered by Electrical Code Academy, Inc., a Texas Based Corporation. Mr. Abernathy is also well known for serving on the development committees for the 2014, 2017, 2020, and the 2023 National Electrical Code® published by NFPA®. He is also a published author, co-author, and columnist as well as serving as a GHOST writer under contract and various names for leading industry publications. Mr. Abernathy serves on many electrical committees and expert code related panels/committees. Here is a brief list of his service to the industry:
  • Serves on NFPA 70 (NEC) Code-Making Panels # 5 and # 17
  • Certified Master Electrical Code Professional - CMECP®
  • Former Chairman "Building & Standards" Commission- McKinney, Texas
  • Member of NFPA Sections: Electrical, Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials, Fire Science and Technology Educators, Education, Building Fire Safety Systems and Fire Service.
  • 2007 Mike Holt Enterprises " Top Gun" Winner - Both NEC® Code Knowledge testing and Overall Code Presentation Winner.
  • 2007 InterNACHI Member of the Year
  • State of Texas (TDLR) Subject Matter Expert (2014-2017)- Electrician Exams
  • Certified (Expired) by ICC: Electrical Inspector, Commercial Electrical Inspector, Electrical Plans Examiner, Residential Combination Inspector (Electrical, Plumbing, Building and Mechanical) and Amusement Device Inspector.
  • State of Virginia - Licensed Journeyman & Master Electrician
  • State of Texas - Licensed Master Electrician #437391
  • State of South Dakota - CE Provider
  • State of Maine - CE Provider
  • State of Texas - CE Provider
  • State of Utah - CE Provider
  • State of Arkansas - CE Provider
  • State of Virginia - CE Provider
  • State of Ohio- CE Provider
  • State of Maryland - CE Provider
  • State of Florida- CE Provider
  • State of Oregon - CE Provider
  • State of Washington - CE Provider
  • State of North Carolina - CE Provider
  • State of Colorado - CE Provider
  • State of Wisconsin- CE Provider
  • State of Oklahoma - CE Provider
  • Certified Master Inspector - Elected by the CMI Board in Boulder Colorado
  • State of Virginia's 1st Board Approved CU Provider
  • Serves on UL STP Committee(s) UL 62, 486(A) - (E)
  • Serves on ASTM Committee(s) B-01 and B-05 (Voting Member)
  • Serves on various NEMA Committees - Including the NEMA Field Program
  • Patents - MC-LED (PCS) Metal-Clad Cable Inventor Patent # 10361015
  • Patents - MC - PCS Metal-Clad Cable Inventor Patent # 2 - #10,607,752
  • Patents - Type TC/SE-R Hybrid Cable - Industry FIRST Hybrid Cable Patent # 10,672,534
  • Serves on NTCOG Committee for North Texas - SME Contributor
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hours Trained- General Construction (Electrical)
  • Creator of Certified Master Electrical Code Professional® Program
  • Co-Author of "How to Perform Electrical Inspections" published by InterNACHI. c2007 First Edition Only
  • Co-Author of Residential Wiring by Cengage-2020 NEC
  • Co-Author of Commercial Wiring by Cengage-2020 NEC
  • Co-Author of Grounding and Bonding by Cengage-2020 NEC
  • 2014-2017 - Helped author the PSI Exam for the State of Texas (2017 NEC)
Mr. Abernathy is mostly the proudest of the over 40,000+ students (Electrical Engineers, Electricians, Apprentices and Home Inspectors) he has taught since 1989.


Strategies That Work

We are the industry leader in establishing effective marketings benefits to elevate the Master Electrician and the Electrical Trade. Here are some FACTS.

Stop Being Average - Stand Out !

Imagine being the go-to electrical contractor in your area, recognized for your exceptional skills and dedication. Your builders, developers, and customers see the unique value you bring to every project. Why blend in when you can stand out? Show them why your expertise and passion make you worth every penny, far beyond the standard licensure. Embrace the opportunity to shine and elevate your craft to new heights!

Marketing Advantage

Consider the electrical industry as a chess game. Every electrician starts as a pawn, or apprentice, moving strategically across the board to improve their career position and ultimately elevate their status to King. Achieving the CMECP® designation is a powerful move in this game, providing a significant marketing advantage and establishing you as a leader in the field.

Be A Leader - Not A Follower !

In today's electrical trade, being a leader rather than a follower is crucial for driving innovation, setting industry standards, and gaining a competitive edge. A Certified Master Electrical Code Professional (CMECP) embodies this leadership, representing the pinnacle all master electricians should strive to achieve.


If you have about 50 minutes of FREE TIME and truly desire to learn WHY the CMECP® Program is the NEXT LEVEL of GREATNESS in the Electrical Trade. Watch the video below to learn why.


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